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The Dance Against Bullying partners met online between the 24th and 26th of May for three days of intensive training in the implementation of the DAB workshops. This activity was attended by all the five partner organisations in five different countries: France, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania. In order to continue to ensure the safety of its participants, the training activity was held at a distance, online using video tools, projectors and speakers to connect the participants in the best possible way. 

Each organisation was represented by 3-4 trainees: project managers, youth workers, and trainers. In order to learn how to implement the workshop activities, the attendees participated in the activities as if they were participants. These activities were then discussed, their emotions were shared during debriefing sessions, and advice and tips were exchanged. 

The workshops have the purpose of helping participants to become more self-aware, connecting them with their bodies and their emotions, and helping them learn new ways of expression and communication. Through this, they can develop empathy, self-confidence, and understanding of the connection between their body and emotions that can be used as a mechanism for dealing with the trauma of bullying. 

Given the intensity of the topic and the power of the exercises to confront such emotional issues, participating in the training was an intense experience. All the participants learned and gained a lot from the experience. By the end of the training activity, as well as feeling confident in carrying out the workshops in their respective countries, the partners also built a stronger connection between each other, and got to know each other on a deeper level. 

The experience was thoroughly rewarding, and we can’t wait to implement the workshops ourselves at a local level. 

Here you can have a hint of what happened during the Learning and teaching activity of DAB project