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The Multiplier Event of the DAB (Dance Against Bullying) project, organized by CEIPES, was hosted at the CEIPES headquarters on 23rd of November, 2021.

The event involved the Linguistic High School “Ninnì Cassarà” in Palermo and it saw the participation of young people and teachers.  During the event,  the project, the results and the methodology (that the project tested and validated during its duration) were presented.

In fact, DAB project aims to fight the phenomena of abuse among young people and specifically the bullying by using dance as a way of acquiring awareness of own body and to facilitate socialization with each other by developing mutual respect.

This methodology was developed and described in the Manual created as a second result of the project on the DAB website. The Manual and the methodology represent only one of the 4 results that the project had as its objective since its beginning.

The final result concerns the creation of a research paper on bullying situations in the partnership countries, the benchmark Report for “Dancing Against Bullying”. This first result represented the first step for the elaboration of the methodology which represents the second result of the project, the methodology was tested and validated throught local pilots organized in each contry and described in the manual, present in each language of the partnership (you can read more here).

If the manual alone is not enough, on the project website there are video lessons, the third result, so that the methodology can be sustainable over time, usable and understandable and free so that everyone, especially youth workers, can benefit from it if they want to adopt it in their training curricula.

The fourth result of the project is the White paper and represents the closure but also the sustainability of the project in the future. This is a document of recommendations address to the educational institutions of the partnership countries and to policy makers. Through this document the DAB project aims to introduce this methodology in more concrete and shared way in the European context.

For this reason, DAB has launched a petition for this document to reach the European Parliament’s Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) and the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE).

During the event, the partecipants were involved in activities that could allow them to experiment with the methodology by experimenting with themselver and their relationship with others in a safe and erelaxed environment.

The event was an excellent way to demonstrate that the methodology can be a useful tool for young people, but also for those who work with them, in order to acquire knowledge and experience and new perspectives for their educational and personal path.

For more information, visit the project website, Facebook and Instagram pages.