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Association Euni Partners organized Multiplier event with 2 separate groups in 2 days. The first event was held on the 13th of December 2021 and the second one on the 17th of December 2021. The meetings were attended by youths, social workers, trainers, resource teachers and people working in the social sphere. During the 2 events, the objectives, actions and results of the project were presented.  

Special emphasis was put on:  

  • The main goal of the DAB project – development, testing and implementation of a methodology for children victims of bullying at school using dance and expressive movements.  
  • The importance of the implementation and adaptation of the methodology. 
  • Online learning platform where all teaching materials, video lessons and tools developed within the project are provided to all stakeholders freely.  

    During the events Euni Partners also presented short video interviews and tutorials from the implementation of the therapy workshops with both target groups – youth workers and young people and gave useful tips and advice on what should and should not be done when using the therapy.  

    The methodology was very well accepted and the participants showed interest and willingness to use it in their work.