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GAMMA INSTITUTE organized the Multiplier event with 2 separate groups, one group of young teacher who need knowledge and experience in managing bullying situations in school, and another group, of psychotherapists in training and personal development counselor, who also are working in their individual and group sessions with the psychological effects of bullying. The first event was held on 23th of October 2021 and the second one on 30th of December 2021. The meetings were attended by young teachers, social workers, trainers and mental health specialists. During the 2 events, the objectives, actions and results of the project were presented and the focus was on taking contact with dance as a non-formal tool on the process of combating and reducing bullying phenomenon.  

Special emphasis was put on: 

  • Objectives and activities of DAB project – development, testing and implementation of a methodology for youth involved in bullying at school using dance and expressive movements. 
  • The importance of the implementation and adaptation of the methodology to the target group and specific objectives of the sessions. 
  • The free materials developed during the project: manual, toolkit, webplatform with videolessons, whitepaper and petition. 

    The feedback from the participants was a positive one and they were willing to repeat such projects and events, because in schools (but not only), the subtile types of bullying are very common and have significant negative effects on long-term, for all people involved, including the ones who only assist on the scene. At the end of the events, the DAB manuals were spreaded out and now are also available in Gamma Institute office, in order to be consulted by any specialist or people interested.