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The project’s organization partners carried out the implementation of the project workshops at the local level between June and September 2021.

The partners held their workshops in their respective countries with youth in a variety of different contexts, including in schools and at summer camps. Each workshop had a minimum of fifteen young people attending, and they went on a personal and group journey, which involved taking part in exercises dealing with, for example, emotions, empathy, trust, and of course, the topic of bullying. These workshops had many challenges, but they were ultimately very rewarding, and some participants shared feelings of having been brought closer to the rest of the group, developing trust and empathy for the others, and having been able to open up more to others, including their family.

Each partner also held workshops with twelve youth workers and educators. The objective of these workshops was to train these youth workers in the DAB method, so that they can implement the exercises with the young people they work with in the future. Again, these workshops had some challenges, but the youth workers appreciated greatly the training in the dance method, and saw its value in developing important interpersonal connections and skills, and in dealing with issues like bullying.

The partners will now proceed to the next stages of the project: using video footage from the workshops to develop instructional videos of how to implement the method with young people, which can be used alongside the project’s manual; and the development of a White Paper which will address the issue of bullying and argue for the usefulness of dance as a method to combat it.

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Another important stage of the project has already started! A petition has been launched that asks for your support for dance as a method to be used with youth to fight bullying. Click the link below and sign the petition to show your support!

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