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Contribute to the fight against bullying – a petition that will be taken to the European Parliament’s Committees

The fight against bullying needs your support! Take 1 minute to sign the petition below to help combat bullying and support an innovative methodology to address this issue. https://chng.it/FZZN8X4JJ5 The petition supports the use of dance and expressive movements...

DAB – Local workshops completed

The project’s organization partners carried out the implementation of the project workshops at the local level between June and September 2021.  The partners held their workshops in their respective countries with youth in a variety of different contexts, including in...

The project’s Learning, Teaching, and Training Activity was a great success

The Dance Against Bullying partners met online between the 24th and 26th of May for three days of intensive training in the implementation of the DAB workshops. This activity was attended by all the five partner organisations in five different countries: France,...

Dance Against Bullying Transnational Meeting 06/04/202

The partners of DAB met for an online Transnational Project Meeting on the 6th of April 2021. The main discussions during the meeting centred around the Learning, Teaching, and Training Activity (LTTA), and on the local dance workshops. Because of the continuing risks...

DAB from home: that’s how we carried out our workshop in total safety

Given the current situation with COVID-19 and the impossibility of safely carrying out in-person activities, the partners of DAB decided to carry out an online DAB session: Dance Against Bullying From Home. DAB’s workshops aim first to help people self-empower through...

Benchmark Reports are now available on our website and ready to be downloaded

In order to fulfil the objectives of the project, it is necessary to understand the situation regarding bullying in each of the partner countries, and to provide a background to the in-depth needs-analysis.  All partners conducted research on the topic, including a...

DAB: Dance Against Bullying, Kick Off Meeting in Palermo

Project name: “Dance Against Bullying” Project number: (2019-1-FR02-KA205-015856) Duration: 24 months Coordinator: CIE ESSEVESSE (France) Financed by: Erasmus+ programme, KA205 (Strategic Partnership for Innovation and Exchange of good...



The project DAB-Dance against Bullying it’s a project supported by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2- Strategic partnership for youth. The project has the main aim of tackling the phenomenon of bullying among young people, using the tools of contemporary dance and developing an innovative methodology. Bullying has been raising concerns of local authorities and youth workers in the last decade for its vicious effects on those affected and as a sign of social unease by those practicing it. The DAB-Dance Against Bullying project aims at integrating the good practices already existing within a new approach based on dance workshops bringing together youth workers and young people unite in the fight against bullying. Indeed, dance, with positive effects that music and movements have in the development of young people, is a great tool to work for the empowerment and resilience against violence and abuses. The project will improve the skills of youth workers to support young people on overcoming specific problems related to bullying by activities of integration, team building, creativity and self – empowerment. With a choreographer/trainer/expert on dance, youth workers will work with young people as to develop the stages of the contemporary dance workshops which will include: sessions of non-formal education aimed at analyzing the phenomenon of bullying (under the point of view of the victims and the bullies; the situations where bullying behaviours emerge; playing with role-plays about victims and oppressors). The choreography sessions will be filmed and analyzed by the youth workers explaining the methods, progresses and results: these videos thus created will be uploaded on the web-platform as to share the outcomes of the project to all the stakeholders wishing to realize similar projects. The project’s duration is 24 months, from July 2019 to June 2021.


The main objectives of the project DAB are:

-To tackle bullying behaviours amid young people; -Improve, with a new methodology, competences and knowledge of youth workers;

-To promote the use of dance as a tool to tackle bullying, through the development of the White Paper, a web-portal with video lessons and the implementation of dance workshops;

-To promote the values of inclusion, non discrimination and equity;

-To promote methods of non-formal education; -To strengthen the international cooperation within the consortium of DAB’s project


Dab brings together 5 partners from different countries: French, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Greece with complementary skills and with necessary background.
The coordinator is ESSEVESSE, French contemporary dance company carrying out social activities with young people in Marseille.
In addition to coordinator, the partnership is formed by:

– EUNI PARTNERS: Bulgarian NGO very active in the schools with cultural and social projects in Blagoevgrad.

– AICSCC: Romanian association based in Iaçi, that brings together psychologists and youth workers dealing with young people affected by personal disorders.

– CEIPES: European NGO based in Palermo and active in 8 European Countries, realizing social projects in some of the poorest neighbourhoods in Palermo.

– THE SMILE OF THE CHILD: is the largest Greek association committed to the welfare of the children and their families.



Intellectual Output 1 Benchmark Report for “Dancing Against Bullying”

English Version

French Version

Bulgarian Version

Italian Version

Romanian Version

Greek Version



DAB Web Portal with the Video lessons

Creation of an on-line platform which will be the main way to share the good practices resulting from the project. It will include: the material produced in the I.O.1; the video lessons recorded during the project; the record of the workshops’ essays that will be showed at the end of them; the main deliverables of the dissemination activities.


Local Dance Workshops

Workshops will be held: the first one will involve youth workers, in order to spread the methodology and the second one will be addressed to a group of 15 young people coordinated and supervised by both youth workers and choreographers/trainers/experts on dance. The workshops will involve youth of both sexes affected by bullying.

Workshop Manual:



White Paper on contrasting bullying through a dance approach

A White Paper on bullying through art will be developed: it’s a document that will set-up a series of recommendation in order to integrate the already existing documents into a broader set of policies on the contribution that dance can give against bullying.


DAB – Local workshops completed

DAB – Local workshops completed

The project’s organization partners carried out the implementation of the project workshops at the local level between June and September 2021.  The partners held their workshops in their respective countries with youth in a variety of different contexts, including in...